11 Suggestions of Gifts for Christmas for Cats That Will Amaze

In general, there may not be animals as sociable as dogs, but also deserve a treat special, here’s 11 ideas of gifts of Christmas for cats.

Cats are animals, sui generis personality well nowadays, most of the times, but that is why we are so adored. And in this special season, we have 11 ideas of gifts of Christmas for cats that will surely cause a lot of “ronrons”.

For this reason, and given that we’re in a magical season, forget the times your cat the agreed out of hours; the times in which he scratched the sofas; the requests of desperate for food, as if the world were to end in the next 10 minutes; the wires eaten; the attempts to destroy the Christmas tree and make truce with your ball of at and offer you these gifts of Christmas for cats.



Such immortalizing a photo of your pet on a frame, or picture, of the way to fully custom? Is this one easy to achieve, different, and quite original. And you can be assured that your cat will not be indifferent when you see your own image printed.


With this arranhador, your cat can scratch, climb and relax for a well earned break. In addition, given that there are different colors and patterns, you can choose a product that fits fully to any decor.

With this object, your cat will have the chance to stretch and exercise, especially in the cold months of winter when you are forced to stay inside the house.

It has a surface that is soft and adhesive, which is highly comfortable for the animal, as well as a post from scratch involved in sisal rope. And best of all is that it gives your cat an alternative to avoid scratching the sofas and other decorations in the house.

11 Suggestions of Gifts for Christmas for Cats That Will Amaze 1


If there’s one thing cats do well is to know how to unwind and relax, especially when the rays of sun invade every corner in the house, so this is one of the best gifts of Christmas for cats that you can offer your bigeye.

So, this bed enchanting allows you all of this and can be installed on a glass window, a door surface flat and smooth, saving space and allowing the animal to have an angle of view different about the environment that surrounds them.

4. GYM

There are gyms for cats that almost take up an entire division in the house, but you don’t need to go to this extreme to give your pet a gift that will ensure endless hours of fun.

With a house, a basket, a ladder and platform this is a good example that allows the animal to play, exercise and relax, one of the favorite activities of the animals.


This cup of power with the animal’s name is simply adorable. Given that it is made in ceramic, you can use for any type of cat food, because, unlike the bowls in plastic, does not affect the quality of the food.

And it is so beautiful and elegant, that even your cat will feel even more satisfied at meal time.


Know any cat that doesn’t like massages, even for a short moment? For these and for all the others this brush ergonomic is extremely useful and functional.

It not only helps to brush the hair, leaving it soft and pulling out the dead hair, but it also has an extra function: the massage! The time brush the hair of your animal will be exceptionally amazing because it will allow your cat to be in a true state of zen feline.

11 Suggestions of Gifts for Christmas for Cats That Will Amaze 2


It can be extremely difficult to make a cat drink water and this is something imperative to prevent urinary problems, and severe kidney. As such, for these cases, a drinking fountain type fountain may be a good solution.

The success of this type of articles relates to the movement of the water that is always welcomed any cat.

This specific product presents great advantages:

  • The deposit is opaque does not allow to penetrate the light, thus leaving the water fresh for a longer time;
  • Has two new types of water flow;
  • It has an electric pump with a power less than four watts;
  • Contains a system composed by a filter of double-double action, as it soothes and purifies hard water of the tap continuously, and also retains possible by the cat falling in the water, as well as other type of waste and sediment.


The cats like to hide and have secret locations where they can be comfortable without being disturbed.

In this context, this tunnel may well be the perfect gift because:

  • It is made from metal materials and high-quality polyester, durable and environmentally friendly;
  • Has a stylish look;
  • It is suitable for dogs, cats and other pets.

11 Suggestions of Gifts for Christmas for Cats That Will Amaze 3


Cats have a sensory system extraordinary: they hear sounds that humans are inaudible; they see things that the human eye is unable to see; and the senses of smell, taste and touch which enable them to experience a world that is beyond our perception.

So, the massage center Catit is so complete, with a variety of massage pads that pamper the cat for an experience that is purely extravagant. To this is added the presence of a grass cat, to appeal to the senses of taste and smell, and to elevate this experience that awakens all the senses, since it works as:

  • Stimulating the gums;
  • Massager ripple;
  • Mat acupressure;
  • Brushes body massage.


This toy combines many tastes peculiar to a cat: it has a wire long wire that is stretchy, so it has movement, and wire this to the point has a bird subject to be captured by the cat at any time.

Given that it is accompanied by a suction cup, can put on a proper surface and change of location when your cat is tired of it. In addition, the owners can also hold on to the wire and cause the animal – hours of fun guaranteed!


Not a Christmas gift which your cat has consciousness, this tip is one of the most important, because not only toys and food makes an animal happy. As such, why not consider offering a health plan animal to your cat?

Illness, injury and other unforeseen concerns are recurrent for those who have a pet. And, in these cases, nothing better than having a plan, to a protection in a timely manner so as not to be caught off guard when something unforeseen happens. In addition, it is important that you opt for a complete plan, which offers not only veterinary services, but also wellness services, as is the case with the Health Plan to pet Animals of the Vetecare.

It is a simple plan and economic, that gives you access to all the care that your cat needs, as the best products and services through network partners Vetecare, which is composed of clinics, veterinary hospitals and clinics, specialized shops for animals, training centers, and rehabilitation, hotels, day care centers, among others.