12 Things That Irritate Your Dog and What to Avoid Doing

Are friendly, playful, loving, but there are things that irritate your dog and you will not want to do. Find out what they are and keep them in mind always.

The dogs may well be man’s best friend, but this does not give you the right to do whatever you want. If you do not believe, we share 12 things that irritate your dog and that yes, they really are their fault.

But do not stay heavy conscience, as it is very likely that you have not even awareness of what is happening, and that that attitude which, in its opinion, is affectionate and quiet, in fact you may be one of the things that irritate your dog.


There are many things that irritate your dog and that are the fault of the owners, but they really don’t know what they are doing. See if you fit into any of these reasons for irritation.


We are a kind voice, even with the pets and what is certain is that they cannot understand the vast majority of what we say, although they might be able to deduce and learn the meaning of some words and commands, how to walk, eat, play, sit and lie down.

However, given that dogs can’t understand human language, then you should bet more on the use of non-verbal language, because dogs have evolved to be experienced readers of the human body and can figure out what the owner is thinking and feeling the same for the express.


Although consider that this is a manifestation of love and affection, know that most dogs hate hugs. Dogs have not evolved to assume that this gesture symbolizes the support, love, joy and other positive emotions. Many may even assume that this is a position dominating on the part of the owner.

In addition, the same dog might even enjoy the hug of a person and react entirely differently with another family member who try to do the same.

To know if your dog hates this behavior, then watch out for the following signs:

  • It is tense?
  • Tilts the head away from you?
  • Avoids eye contact?
  • Lick your lips?
  • Keep your mouth closed?
  • Pull the ears against the head?

If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, then, are the signs that your dog feels totally uncomfortable when hugged.


I wish that someone give him pats on the head? Maybe not. Your dog will surely not like. In addition to being an attitude irritating, also be something painful.

And the fact of having the hands of strangers close to our face it can be assumed as a real intrusion of personal space. The exception are those dogs support this attitude when it is from someone they know and trust.

12 Things That Irritate Your Dog and What to Avoid Doing 1


Despite what you might think, the dogs want, need and even like rules. And no, this does not make the life of your bigeye on a existence unhappy or upset. On the contrary, because this way the dogs can really know that is your leader you want them.


As well as many all species are social, dogs do not have to like all people nor all animals and there is to respect that and not force the interaction, the more convenient it may seem.

And this can happen in several ways: either by having humans that just want to do “some parties”, because they are taken to parks where there are other animals, because they are obliged to give-if well with the other animals that exist in the same house. The more you force, the worse will be the results obtained.

It is important to note that there is a difference between positive encouragement with shy dogs, fearful or reactive and a force of relations, which can be demonstrated through a dog’s nervous, that growls, barks, or even bites.


While taking your dog for a walk, it is important to give him space and time to explore the environment you go through.
The dogs you see with the nose and attach so much importance to the sense of smell as we humans attribute to it, for example, to the sense of sight to interpret the world around us.

So, go slowly, let your dog to interpret the world in the way that he so well know: with the nose.


Keep a very short leash on a dog and hold it with tension only makes the animal feel your level of stress, frustration and anxiety, and this can excite the dog and make it pull even more by the owner.

An incredible amount of energy is transferred between the human and the dog through the leash, so there is care to be taken to not irritate your dog, how to keep the leash slack, and do not hold with your hand completely down or with the hand all the way up.


If your dog is causing problems at home, since from chewing objects, then it is because he feels neglected and is asking for your attention and wants to spend more time with you.

12 Things That Irritate Your Dog and What to Avoid Doing 2

Fortunately, there is a quick and easy solution to this: play. And, currently, there are numerous options of toys that help to stimulate the intellect of the animals that entertain patudos and human for hours and hours and hours.


It may seem a board obvious, but there are many people who enjoy to tease an animal, not thinking about the reactions that such an attitude may wake up. Thus, you should never:

  • Barking for a dog;
  • React aggressively while a dog is barking, even if he is far away or separated from each other by a door or window;
  • Pull the tail of a dog.


For a dog, the looks often translate into challenges, and if this is something you can even do so relatively quietly with your pet, the same will not happen in the case of an animal that does not know.


Dogs are social animals that need the company of other beings, especially their families human. So, when left alone for long hours can develop a series of behavioral problems and psychological distress, including separation anxiety, excessive barking, destructive behavior, or even the attempt to escape.

So, if you work during the day and no one else can be at home and feel that your pet begins to feel the lack of human contact, ask a friend or neighbor or hire a pet sitter that will make him a little company or take a walk at least once per day.


12 Things That Irritate Your Dog and What to Avoid Doing 3

The dogs respond well to routine, allowing them to thus have understanding of programming, food, hiking, games, and even to do the your personal needs. This way, if the owner is to change randomly some of these duties may result in an animal stressed or with behavioural problems.