13 Dog Breeds That Can’t Swim: Find Out What Are

Not all patudos look to the water with enthusiasm and excitement, because there are breeds of dogs that can’t swim. Find out what are and to be aware of.

Despite being a very frequent: the dogs are happy and satisfied while they swim in the sea or swimming pool, there are breeds of dogs that can’t swim. Therefore, it is important to know what these are, you run the risk of your pet having trouble and be so petrified that they’ll never get close to a simple drop of water.

There really are breeds of dogs that do not know how to swim and that, in a nutshell, if you refer to the dogs that:

  • Have a larger instep and heavy;
  • Have short legs;
  • Are braquicefálicos, or have a snout short.


There are several reasons for the existence of breeds of dogs that can’t swim and that relate to the anatomy and physiology. Check out what they are.

1. PUG

While breed of dog braquicefálico, the snout short of the Pugs can cause shortness of breath, which not only hinders their ability to swim even for a short time, but also almost impossible for that to be able to keep the muzzle out of the water. So, if you take this breed to the water, always put a life jacket and keep an eye out.


As with the Pugs, this breed can’t even keep the snout above the water line while you are in a position to swim. What happens when you try to breathe is to propel the body up and overbalance backwards. Thus, this ever-vigilant.


This breed probably has all the details that makes it impossible for the dogs to swim. Starting with the snout short, be a braquicefálico; the chest broad; the head large; and short legs: a set of characteristics that lead us to advise that you put lifejacket, even if you’re not in the water, and only with the prospect of a swimming pool close by.


Although this breed of small does not have the typical traits of other breeds small, how small chest and snout flattened, there are other issues that make this one of the breeds of dogs that do not know how to swim. They include chills, arthritis and rheumatism, so it’s best to ensure that your dog has plenty of entertainment on earth.

13 Dog Breeds That Can’t Swim Find Out What Are 1


Similar to the Maltese, this breed can quickly gets cold after contact with the water, and that swimming isn’t exactly easy, given the muzzle stuck to the inside and the legs small. In addition, as has enough to by, this can get very heavy when wet and difficult for the animal to move.


This small breed robust snout longer has a dense body, large chest and short legs, soon will never be a swimmer-able.

Despite like immense of water, it is preferable to place them in small pools, those children, that will permit someone to refresh, but with a water level that is not dangerous.


Although this breed is relatively lightweight and have a snout longer, the short legs of the Dachshund are really his weak point. They are really able to swim, but never will be able to do for a long time, not with great ease.


The fact that Basset Hound to be one of the breeds that is not able to swim secures with a large head, a bone structure dense, and the legs disproportionately short. All of this makes the dogs of this breed are unable to stay afloat for any period of time.

In addition, they have long ears, and the frequent contact with water can lead to the appearance of the infections hearing.


We can find that the larger dogs of are swimmers natural, however, that is not so, and the Chow Chow is a good example, due to the chest deep, legs short, and the snout slightly flattened, which can cause shortness of breath. All of this worsens with the amount of by which the race has, and that increases a lot the weight in water, making it difficult, thus the swimming.

13 Dog Breeds That Can’t Swim Find Out What Are 2


Although the long legs can give the understand that they are swimmers in the city, this breed faces the same challenges that the Pugs since it has a muzzle braquicefálico. This muzzle more smooth and short means that this breed will find it difficult to keep the face and nose above the water and may have shortness of breath if you try nothing for a long time.


This breed is very athletic and loves anything that involves movement and physical exercise. However, the fact that you have a lot of muscle mass solid and dense, makes it a heavy animal, making it more difficult, so, swimming. To this is added a head of considerable size, even a bit disproportionate to the body, which makes it more difficult to keep the head out of the water to breathe.


Such as the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, these two dog breeds have a constitution that is similar, with a physique very strong and powerful, but with tremendous inability to keep the head above water to breathe.


If you know that your dog does not know how to swim or think that he may have difficulty doing so, then it is of vital importance to make sure that your dog does not have access to any pool, lake or beach or some place where the water level is higher than the chest of the animal. However if you can’t make it, so always put a vest inflatable, life-saving, appropriate to the animal concerned.

13 Dog Breeds That Can’t Swim Find Out What Are 3