7 Essential Tips for Caring for Your Cat

Short or long, everything that you should know to care for your cat and, with it, having an animal happy and healthy. Take care of your four-legged friend.

It is in spring and autumn that the change of at in cats is more noticeable and, with this, the intensification of attention to caring for your cat in the best way.

When it arrives, so the season is more cold, the cats gain a new layer by, as if it were a jacket to stand the coldest temperatures; while in the spring, when the sun gains strength, it is when the cats get rid of their old, by the winter, as being the body trying to get rid of the excess to cool off.

All of these changes are more visible in cats for long, but eventually will manifest in all cats, so the tips to care for your cat should always be taken into account, to ensure maximum quality and well-being of the animal, ensuring that the fur is always soft and shiny. Because by the there is not only a question of aesthetics, but rather to ensure certain functions, such as:

  • Protect from heat and cold, wind and rain;
  • Are points of sensitivity and log sensory data;
  • Help the cat to produce vital nutrients such as vitamin D.


Many things can cause for your cat’s stay with no shine or until the skin itself apparent a air-dry and squamous. The most frequent causes for this are:

  • Unbalanced nutrition: cats need food with a good level of carbohydrates, proteins and fats;
  • Excess weight: more cats chubby, very cute they may seem, have more difficulty in making your own personal hygiene, which may lead to by misaligned and careless;
  • Age: as they age, cats become less flexible and may even develop problems at the joints, and unable, therefore, to have the mobility of other times to treat your own cleaning;
  • Washing in excess: if the lack of cleaning can lead to a dull, the opposite may also lead to the same problem; as well as being the owners give a bath to the cat, in an attempt to improve the look of the hair.


7 Essential Tips for Caring for Your Cat 1

Cats are great at taking care of themselves in many ways, but only this is not enough. Are necessary other issues for which they are the animals healthy, happy and to maintain their by the beautiful. Watch out!


The skin and the fur of a cat reflect what happened in your own body, so that the first aspect to take into account is the same food that your cat is eating.

In the first place, the cats need much more protein than dogs; of complex carbohydrates and healthy fats to help them maintain a healthy body and a brilliant. In spite of the existing options in the supermarkets to be more economic, in fact, many of them have chemicals to give a look more attractive to the food that in no way benefit the animals, on the contrary, hurt us.


If your feline friend got dandruff in the centre of the back or around the tail, then you are facing a notorious case of excess weight, as much as it costs to admit and a lot of grace that I may find those fat extra which give it an appearance of teddy.

This is because the animal is unable to reach this area of the body, although, so, of cleaning.

But the excess weight not only takes a feline less flexible. This factor also puts the animal at risk for many of the same chronic health conditions that a human can have such as, excess weight, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, osteoarthritis and even cancer.

If you do not know which ration is most appropriate, check with the vet, who can give all the advice about amount and type of food to give to your pet. Remember, however, that the weight loss can be a very time-consuming process.


7 Essential Tips for Caring for Your Cat 2

The same happens with humans: with age, we lose agility and mobility, and we need help for certain tasks that before we were doing it without even thinking. The same goes with the cats and to take care of your cat is elderly, you should take a pro-active attitude: brush on a daily basis, using a comb of fine teeth, which pass by a small amount at each time to remove the maximum for the loose and dead.


Bathe often to your cat is one of the main reasons for the by not be as beautiful as you would like. You should only do so when the animal gets dirty and use products specific for cats.


Not all cats let themselves be touched and brushed with ease, so you should take advantage of the moments in which the animal is relaxed and peaceful, allowing, as well, that will do the job properly and not so superficial.

Do it in a space where there are no loud noises and surprising ways that distract the animal. Then, place it in front of you, make you some fondling, and start brushing from the head, toward the tail, always in the direction of the growth of the hair.


It is preferable to have a cat less coated by the than an animal with the tangle constant that can be to accumulate dust and other dirt that can be harmful.

If you do this at home, know that you can never cut the hair flush to the skin. So, the trick the following is to place a comb between the skin and the scissors and cut in the middle of this space. If you are unable to or your animal does not allow, leave the job to the professionals.


7 Essential Tips for Caring for Your Cat 3

A good vacuum cleaner is essential to manage the amount of by the cat that circulates there for a house, preferably one with a HEPA filter to reduce allergens and has the ability to suck the fur of animals is on the floor, rugs, clothes, sofas and even rest of the furniture.