8 Ways and the Benefits of Exercising Your Dog

Regardless of the breed, it is important to find ways to exercise your dog and promote some important activities. Learn how to do it.

Large or small, with more or less energy, to find ways of exercising your dog is something that should be implemented in the day-to-day life of any animal.

Usually, man’s best friend can also be your best friend training of man, is to practice regular exercise, moderate or vigorous, having regard to the animal, but also the owner and physical abilities and needs.


Especially the dogs of the race great, can be a lot more prone to bone problems and mobility, due, precisely, to the your body structure. Thus, it is extremely important to practice exercises that take into account the increase of strength and muscle capacity. This way, you’ll be able to avoid the joint problems so common and that can affect the quality of life of its bigeye.

And the best is to start doing it early for the dog to get accustomed to the practice of physical exercise, since in a controlled way. The dogs need exercise, it is certain, however, should avoid physical activities, excessive or intense until they are old enough to avoid injury, that is, when the bone structure is fully formed.

The ideal is that always consult your veterinary surgeon who will advise you on the type and time of training ideal for your dog, appropriate to the breed and the size. Remember that, with the health plan of the Vetecare, for only 13€ per month, you can have access to a wide network of veterinarians and serviceswith discounts to be able to take care of the bigeye.


The physical exercise practice is quite important to have an animal healthy and happy. Pay attention to the list of benefits:

  • Strengthening of the bones and joints;
  • Improvement of the cardiovascular system;
  • The animal will be more obedient;
  • The animal will sleep better and more deeply throughout the night;
  • Creating a greater connection and closeness between the owner and the animal;
  • The animal will become more sociable to other dogs and people;
  • Development of cognitive abilities.


8 Ways and the Benefits of Exercising Your Dog 1


Is exercise the most basic of all and that can be practicable by any animal or person and that is much better than staying at home lying prostrate on the couch.

Go alternating between the past regular and the past more accelerated and between different soil types with different levels of difficulty, to boost the heart rate and burn more calories.


It is also an exercise very common and easy to perform. You may want to be outside, in a broad location, and with plenty of space for your animal to run at will.

Just need a toy that can be thrown for your dog to the go to collect and bring back to you.


In the first place, you should spread some of the objects so as to form an obstacle course, with some difficulty – it can’t be like a walk in the park if it were. Be creative!

After you place the leash on your dog and take it slowly, to follow the route, so that you feel familiar with. After, return to the starting point, take the leash and encourage your dog to do the route alone.

This can also be an activity to be developed on a site-specific training, which may result in a great two-in-one. With the health plan Vetecare can have access to discounts in a wide network of training centresthroughout the country.

8 Ways and the Benefits of Exercising Your Dog 2


It is not something that still exists in Portugal with great expression, contrary to what happens in other cities of Europe or America. But you can adapt to the circumstances and conditions that is in the park near his house.

Make of the trunks or park benches as a barrier for your dog overcome; pick up small tree branches fallen down and shoot so that your dog can go fetch and bring it back up to yourself; do a few runs light.


The laser pointers are guaranteed hours of endless fun and exercise for the pets and are a great internal activity in the days more cold and rainy.


This is a modality quite simple and consists in running to the side of your dog, during more extended periods, and between the land of alternative and different, to create different levels of difficulty and alternative scenarios.


This is an exercise beneficial both for the owner, both for the animal and is quite simple, but that lets you to spend lots of calories and energy.

The owner shall keep the legs apart and pass a ball between their legs, making the movement of the number eight, with the goal that the animal follow this movement and chase the ball.


The practice of this physical exercise, which can also be interpreted as a game, involves the force of two tugboats: the human and the animal, leaving each one at each end of a pull toy, such as a rope, or a ball with handles on the ends, being that each one will pull in his own direction.

The advantage is that this exercise can easily be run inside the house, on the patio, on the balcony, in the street, in the park, in the garden…

8 Ways and the Benefits of Exercising Your Dog 3