Adopt a Dog: 5 Things You Should Know Before You Make a Decision

Not simply want to. It is necessary to weigh well and take into account everything that is required before you adopt a dog. Check out the important aspects and to make the decision.

already something that there are very want to and finally made the decision to adopt a dog? Even though this is a good principle, there is much to take into account before moving forward with the process, and realize if it really is or not ready to adopt a dog.

We will explain everything you need to know, since the time required, the materials that need to acquire and to care for in the early days of bigeye in their new home.


The selection of a dog for the family should be an informed decision and that it should take into account several assumptions. After all, they are receiving a living being that will be a commitment for several years, and with which they must deal, whether in health or in disease.


It is easy to revel in photographs of dogs, little ones, babies, more like some plush toys and that give will adopt in an instant. But you have to think that they grow up, have their own personality that may or may not be easy to control, can get sick, need attention, to stroll at least one time per day, etc.

After answering these questions you will know better whether or not you are ready to adopt a dog.


After making the decision it is necessary to perceive what is the breed of animal most suitable to your family. To do this, you should take into account the age of the people in the family and if there are small children with large doses of energy, adopt a dog baby might not be the best idea.

Adopt a Dog 5 Things You Should Know Before You Make a Decision 1

In addition, if there are people with some kind of difficulty in mobility or disabilities, so dogs large and quite vigorous also are not the best choice. By via of the doubts, why not seek the advice of a veterinarian, who can review your family profile and explain all the aspects to have in account in the process of adopting a dog. And if you do not know where to find a professional with which you feel perfectly at ease, then, the health Plan Vetecare Platinium can be the ideal answer to your prayers.

This plan can be used immediately after the subscription, do not have waiting periods, or limits of use of the services, or exclusions of age, species or breeds, and has partners available throughout the country.


In a family where there are children, they’re often the main insistent on adopting a dog so many times parents take advantage of this event to instill the notions of responsibility over the younger. However, it may be an illusion, because children are children and get distracted with five hundred thousand things.

For this, you need to realize as well that there are daily tasks that can never be forgotten by those who have a dog: give food, give water, walk and brush. Without forgetting all other responsibilities that may arise. Are you prepared for such?


Although there are many dogs incredible waiting in animal shelters and kennels municipal, there are many breeders and pet stores that continue to produce and sell animals just to make money, without concern with the correct forms of reproduction and the conditions in which such a process is done.

Fortunately, the laws in Portugal have changed and it is now prohibited the slaughter of animals which are in the kennels, however, remains a problem the overcrowding of this type of spaces.

Adopt a Dog 5 Things You Should Know Before You Make a Decision 2


Having a dog is not something that can be made of animo’s lightweight, nor empty wallet. Is to buy a ration adequate in itself, and even though it’s more expensive, it may be something that prevents multiple health problems. Additionally, there are routine consultations, vaccinations, de-worming, and of course the urgent issues that eventually appear.

However, all of this can be minimized if you choose to get health insurance for your dog and, although there are several alternatives today, there is one that stands out for the price and for the multitude of benefits: health Plan Vetecare Platinium, which include veterinary services, partnerships with specialty shops, services, well-being, school behavior and training animal, the pharmacies where you can buy medicines for your pet, services, alternative medicine, and even funeral services.


Before you adopt a dog, it is important to protect your home, from hide dangerous items such as chemicals, electrical wires and sharp objects, but also, to save any item that can be seen by your new dog as a toy.

Adopt a Dog 5 Things You Should Know Before You Make a Decision 3

All of this must be replaced by appropriate materials and toys for the animals. In addition, you should buy a bed, bowl for food and another for water, a comb to brush the hair, cut nails and brush and toothpaste.