Canine Rabies: Know the Symptoms and Ways of Prevention of the Disease

Although virtually eradicated in almost all over the world, canine rabies still deserves your attention.Learn more about this disease, the canine and be aware of.

The canine rabies is an infectious disease with serious and fatal, that affects mammals and is caused by the rabies virus that settles in the body and multiply, first by the peripheral nerves and, then, by the central nervous system, affecting the whole organism. Given what happens in animals and also human beings is considered to be a zoonosis.

It is a condition that is extremely difficult and painful to deal with and that is almost always fatal. However there is a positive side in all this: this is also a condition particularly unusual and that is controlled in almost the entire world.

In this case, prevention is the solution. Ensure that your best friend is vaccinated and who is always accompanied by a team of professionals. With the health plan of the Vetecare, for only 13€ per month, you can have access to a large network of veterinarians and services with discounts to be able to take care of the bigeye.

Canine Rabies Know the Symptoms and Ways of Prevention of the Disease 1


The symptoms of canine rabies are not immediate after a bite and may have an incubation period that varies between three to six weeks.

After this period, it is considered a first phase in which the symptoms are progressive: the dog begins to act extremely aggressive and shows some disorientation.

In many cases, the owners of animals to report that the eyes of the dog blur and the pupils become dilated.

In the second phase of progression of the disease, we are faced with a dog even more aggressive, which can start biting everything and everyone, and even hurting himself, causing serious injuries. In addition, in this period that is very fast – it can take a day, the animal saliva too, stops eating and drinking and begin to suffer seizures. The more likely it is that between a state paralyzed and die within 48 hours.


Canine rabies can happen in three ways that involve symptoms distinct.


Is the strand more common, in which the animal barks a lot, gets extremely agitated, aggressive and drool in excess. Occur seizures and paralysis, and the animal will die between 4 and 7 days.

Canine Rabies Know the Symptoms and Ways of Prevention of the Disease 2


In this type of canine rabies, the animal is more calm and melancholic, tending to isolate themselves in dark places and isolated, as well as to stop eating and drinking.


It is the kind of dog rabies more and more rare, in which the animal does not present any of the most common symptoms of rabies, but may have vomiting and cramping frequent until the day you die, which can take up to 3 days.


Without knowing the cause of the aggression is idiopathic, treatment is difficult and often without success. In addition, the condition is also very unpredictable and the prognosis, unfortunately, is extremely reserved, and ultimately opt for euthanasia animal.

As it is a disease considered to be incurable, it is necessary to be very attentive if your pet displays some of the symptoms mentioned above, because to achieve a fast diagnosis can help prevent the spread of the disease.

This way, you should always vaccinate your pet, from the fourth month of the life of the dog. After the first dose, is done by an annual booster.

This is one of those situations in which prevention makes all the difference, because when something happens, it may be even a point of no return, and the event propagate to larger and more serious dimensions.

As such, when thinking about adopting a dog, it is best to advise, first, with a trusted professional who can not only answer your questions, but also who can advise you at all times, answer all questions and provide all the conditions and care that your pet will grow healthy and happy.

In this context, the plan of the animal health Vetecare can help you save on possible expenses of the veterinary surgeon. With a vast list of veterinary partners around the country, this plan will facilitate the access to a network of prevention and essential care for your best friend.

Canine Rabies Know the Symptoms and Ways of Prevention of the Disease 3