Dog or Cat: Which Is the Best to Fit Into Your Life?

I would like to expand the family and do not know if you should adopt a dog or cat? So, we hope that this article helps and is informative. in the choice of your friend.

Before you decide on a dog or cat, the best thing to do is to think that you choose the animal that you choose to will never must be lacking love, attention and, of course, many hours of fun!

If there are many people who can quickly and easily choose between dog or cat, for those who love animals in general can be a quite uphill, in the impossibility of having more than one friend big eye. Therefore, we have gathered the main differences between these domestic animals and, with this, you will find better if you are a person more of a dog or cat.


To determine which is the pet most appropriate for you, we’ve created a few categories that help us to better understand the characteristics of each one. Dog or cat: decide for yourself!


Both animals are considered predators, which means that your acumen visual emphasizes the motion on the details, which means that a quick movement will be noticed by more small that is. In addition, do not be surprised if during the night or in dark environments perceive your pet to play or observe strange things that seem invisible to the human eye.


The dogs get better score at this point. Although cats have a sense of smell better than humans, the smell, the canine is nothing less than amazing. Most of the dogs have a muzzle in which the nose is actually the largest element. They can detect and distinguish odors four times better than a cat.

Dog or Cat Which Is the Best to Fit Into Your Life 1


Cats are sprinters, natural, with great ease, also, travel flexibility. And in this aspect the dogs get the same background, although there are some breeds that are really fast.


Dogs are natural corridors, and a dog fit and in good shape can run for hours, practically without tiring. It is no wonder that some owners feel extremely tired when you go to take a walk with your four-legged friends.

For their part, the cats prefer the other type of sport: the rest, of course. Except if the subject is food: there’s nobody beats a hungry cat.


Lovers of cats may argue that these animals are smart enough to lead the people to feed them and care for them with little more than purring in return and a seductive look. When you have this into account, it can be difficult to argue that actually the dogs are more intelligent. However, if we take into account all of the jobs for which dogs have been trained since smell malignant tumors, the take down criminals and even find people, combining their high capacity of resistance, so the winner of this category is discovered.


When it comes to training a dog or cat, then it is not difficult to understand that dogs are usually more easy to train. The mentality of a dog, that makes him an animal ready to follow the leader without question, because, in the vast majority of cases, dogs are obedient by nature.

Normally, training a dog is a process of education and reinforcement of commands that help the owners to communicate their desires to the animal. Dogs are, by nature, eager to please, but there are always exceptions and some breeds have temperaments and learning abilities that may be more difficult to train.

Dog or Cat Which Is the Best to Fit Into Your Life 2

Cats can also be trained, but it is a job that requires a lot of patience, a lot of time and consistent practice to overcome their independent nature.

For the small tasks of day-to-day, the cats have an advantage over dogs, as the cats use the litter box instinctively and are more hygienic.


Although the dogs can be perfectly happy living in a small apartment, never doubt that they need exercise in the open air. So, if you have a active life-style the dog is perfect to take with you. But if it is a person, more tranquil and homely, so the cat can easily adapt to this style.


This is an important part to take into account in the decision-making process. Usually, the dogs are more expensive than a cat, taking into account items such as food, toys, classes, training, and expenditure on veterinary / health.

As cats are independent by nature, they learn to take care of themselves and usually only depend on their human for food, de-worming, or when there is any health problem associated with it.


The difference resides not only choose between a dog or a cat and its characteristics, but it is also necessary to take into account your own personality and habits.

Dog or Cat Which Is the Best to Fit Into Your Life 3

The majority of people who prefer cats are more introverted, less sociable and more self-sufficient, while those who prefer dogs are more social, interactive, and open to new experiences.

It is also necessary to take into account that a dog will probably require a little more of your time and attention than a cat, so if you are looking for a companion for all hours and moments, then the dog will always be there for you. Already a cat can be very affectionate and attentive, but only up to a certain point, as that can, eventually, get bored more easily than dogs, and, in that moment, the cat prefers to stay more isolated in their corner.

But all this is not to pass from generalities and factors such as genetics, the breed, the temperament of the breeds and the history of the animal play a role on how friendly, sociable and teachable he will be and how will her family.