Get to Know the Breeds of Dogs Most Intelligent Existing

“It only lacks to speak”: how many times have we not heard the proud owners of the animals to speak so? Discover, then, what are the breeds of dogs more intelligent.

Obey the orders, can be trained and perceive them as not always humans perceive us. It is true that some breeds of dogs more intelligent than others, but virtually all can learn to run small commands, to tame their instincts and enhance their natural abilities.

But intelligence alone does not make a good pet. The dogs are more intelligent need to the same time and dedication to make the owners understand as well their traits and characteristics of breeds, so as to deal with the animal in the best possible way.


The intelligence of dogs can manifest itself in several ways, which relate to the characteristics paramount. And although the best of any race can be enhanced by owners willing to devote the time and effort, there are realities fixed when it comes to the qualities inherent to the animal.

If it is a breed created for hunting, herding or retrieving, it is more likely that the dog is fast, eager to work, to move and to please the owner. In these cases, the animal will learn faster.

If it is a breed of guard dog of cattle or a dog smell, it may seem distracted mentally and very physically strong. In these cases, the experts argue that any dog can learn indications basic, and may just take more time to learn.

The trick is to understand your animal, understand how it works, how you react better and feel more motivated. Discover, then, what are the breeds of dogs more intelligent.


Intelligence is one of the best attributes of this which is equally affectionate towards the family and extremely protective of children.
In addition, this breed has a skill of tracking extremely strong, often capable of stalking prey for plenty of kilometers.

Get to Know the Breeds of Dogs Most Intelligent Existing 1


The Appenzeller Sennenhund is a medium sized dog, well muscled and agile, which makes it a good dog to watch and guard. Due to its versatility, this breed stands out for agility and obedience and skills of herding, and search and rescue.


This is the best race of all with regard to a particular aspect: it is perfect to meet people, whether they are lost or hidden. Outside of services, the breed Bloodhound is one of the most docile, but totally relentless and stubborn with the smell.


This breed is the most suitable for the grazing of sheep and is much prized for its intelligence, instinct and extraordinary capacity for work, almost, possible to consider that these dogs are true workaholics, and with an enormous amount of energy.

So even though you may not be the breed indicates for those who do not have the time nor emotionally available to these needs.


Known for strength and speed, this was a breed created to be the guardian and used, as well as the police and dog of war. Has a physical elegant and powerful and a sharp wit that make a dog fearless and vigilant.


Intelligent and eager to please, giving back – hence the origin of its name. The Golden were created to be true companions of hunting, guide dogs, and to provide assistance in search and rescue operations.

Get to Know the Breeds of Dogs Most Intelligent Existing 2


This breed is perfect for families, because the Labradors are dogs, sports, calm and very intelligent and ambitious, which adapt easily to different environments and personalities.


The fast and the curious Papillon is a breed that is happy and who is always on the alert, but it is not, however, shy or aggressive. Despite this appearance something frácil, the Papillon is described as extremely shrewd and intelligent and nothing in them shall pass to the side.


The main breed used by the police, used easily as a guard and dog in the military in the whole world, but are also truly loving and that adapt to a family environment.

The German Shepherd is a big dog, agile and muscular, of noble character, high intelligence, loyal, confident, courageous, and stable and worshipped by all.


Extremely intelligent and active, this breed was initially created to retrieve things from the water, either that the variety of the miniature was, at times, used for hunting truffles.


The Rottweiler is a breed that is robust, widely used in the world of work, by their strength capacity, but at the same time a docile companion to play and extremely protective within the family circle.

It is a breed that is happy to work, in particular as police dogs, shepherd, service dog or therapy dog.


This breed of work by hard and dense, is extremely intelligent, being a shepherd is extremely smart, fast and obedient, and frequent presence in Scotland. If you talk about the bitch Lassie, you’ll notice easily what we are saying.

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