Gifts of Christmas for Dogs: 11 Ideas That the Patudos Will Love

If you have the habit to buy something to offer to the four-legged companions, then, heed these suggestions gift Christmas for dogs.

Are elements of the family and, therefore, also deserves a treat this season so special. We have 11 suggestions for Christmas gifts for dogs to share with you and give you ideas of how to surprise your big eye way special.

Whether with toys or with useful accessories, any of these suggestions will make the delights of the family to see the animal trying to unwrap the Christmas gifts for dogs, but the very big eye that you will find the whole process fun and exciting.



This bowl ceramic personalized for dogs is an addition of stylish and functional for your home and that will not exist anywhere else.
The pet name is engraved in the bowl using the vinyl for permanent high-quality and is available in multiple finishes. You may also choose your font of choice to completely customize the new mixing bowl of your bigeye.

And rest assured the end result, as you will receive a picture of how it will be on the final product, before you proceed with the purchase.


This wheel is more than a simple wheel: it is a toy from the famous brand, Kong, that allows you to hide snacks to stimulate the most curious and investigator of the animal.

It is an excellent way of stimulation, as well as an object safe and reliable, which also helps to clean the teeth and soothe the gums.


What is the dog that doesn’t love a bone? All love and is guaranteed entertainment for hours and hours and hours and of course customer satisfaction also.

This bone rawhide comes wrapped with a red ribbon for a fun touch, and well the festive and totally appropriate to the season, the most magical of the year.

Gifts of Christmas for Dogs 11 Ideas That the Patudos Will Love 1


It is not by vanity that we put on our animals. In many cases it is a matter of safety and comfort. But not all of the products that we buy are suitable.

Therefore, we always choose the materials of top quality which has a feel and comfort are really awesome.
The sweater Soft Bones is an excellent option that not only encourages you to stroke steadily, as is also comfortable for the animal, does not cause any type of chafing or discomfort, and allows total movement, since the fabric is elastic and adapts perfectly to the body of the animal. In addition, this shirt has velcro at the neck so that you can leave it more loose and adapted to the body of the animal.


The waterproof dog Dancing Rain blue repels water from the outside and has a fleece lining on the inside so that the pet does not get wet nor pass cold, guaranteed, so that all the exits to the street are made with the maximum comfort.

This sweater for dogs has a design sports that includes a hood, it also features a lining to protect the neck area from the cold and avoid the head of the animal becomes wet.

There are many advantages in the purchase of this material:

  • Innovative Design;
  • Special fabric, durable water-repellent;
  • Interior made with fleece lining so that you do not pass the cold;
  • Sleeveless fabric to be more comfortable;
  • It has an elastic band for the tail to a clamping more stable;
  • Velcro fastening at the waist and at the neck to adjust it;
  • Available in 10 sizes and 3 different colors;
  • Easy to put on and take off.


The calendars of advent are not just for humans and this product is an excellent example of that.

Until the 24th of December there is a snack per day to encourage anyone, at any time, including patudos.


Gifts of Christmas for Dogs 11 Ideas That the Patudos Will Love 2

With the side walls, this bed offers additional support and several places for your pet to rest his head and find the ideal position for the perfect rest in total comfort.

The bed, in addition to soft, it is perfectly machine washable for cleaning more convenient and is available in sizes small or medium, according to the size of your animal.


All dogs like to play with a ball and this is very special for several reasons:

  • It is a toy that is interactive and stimulating, that allows you to kick the boredom away;
  • It floats in the water, given that it is made of rubber and foam, making it possible to play on land and in the water;
  • With a design depth, and with grooves, the dogs can easily grab onto the toy, making it the fastest recovery;
  • Dogs can easily identify the ball of a dog due to its visible colors and flashy;
  • It is quite sturdy, made of canvas, rubber and foam.


If your dog needs a espacinho only to himself, then, the idea of a new house can be one of the best gifts of Christmas for dogs that you can buy.

Is to put it in the interior or exterior of the home, this model can even be the house of the dream of your big eye.


In some animals the use of the collar may not be the most suitable and, therefore, the pecs are the best you can find.

This model of the FuzzYard is simple to put on, lightweight, with a design that causes your dog to be the center of attention, in a good way, of course! And is well easy to put on: the breastplate enters through the head of the bigeye, being possible to easily attach on its back.

It is made of high quality fabric, resulting in a soft, padded, and breathable.


And as not only toys and food makes an animal happy, why not consider offering a health plan pet your dog?

Illness, injury and other unforeseen concerns are recurrent for those who have a pet. And, in these cases, nothing better than having a plan, to a protection in a timely manner so as not to be caught off guard when something unforeseen happens. In addition, it is important that you opt for a complete plan, which offers not only veterinary services, but also wellness services, as is the case with the Health Plan to pet Animals of the Vetecare.

It is a simple plan and economic, that gives you access to all the care that your pet needs, as the best products and services through network partners Vetecare, which is composed of clinics, veterinary hospitals and clinics, specialized shops for animals, training centers, and rehabilitation, hotels, day care centers, among others.

Gifts of Christmas for Dogs 11 Ideas That the Patudos Will Love 3