How to Deal With a Cat Aggressive: Everything You Should and Should Not Do

If you have a cat aggressive learn that aggression can have various causes. Learn how to deal with the aggressiveness of your cat in the best possible way.

A cat aggressive may be a sign that something is not right. Especially if your cat is not used to exhibit this behavior.


Before you consider a cat aggressive it is necessary to clarify whether the behavior that the cat is having is actually aggressive or normal behavior for defense, for fun, or just for do not like to be stuck.

If your cat does not like much contact with people or other animals, and has a tendency to do things alone, that does not mean that to be a problem. Not to be a cat sociable is not a synonym of cat aggressive.


If, for example, when your cat goes for your lap, you get to do parties and he bites it and scratches it, it is normal that you do not that is why it is considered a cat aggressive.

Cats love to go to the lap of the people to be warm and comfortable, but this does not mean that you want your space to be invaded.

If your cat is to your cervix, the best thing that you can do if you want it to stay there, is to respect your space and your time of rest.

You should never force your cat to parties or petting, or picks it up to your lap when you don’t want to. Cats have a temper quirky and like to be themselves and to establish their limits of space.


Especially with cats that have been adopted are still very small, and had little contact with the mother and the brothers, you need to be careful with the games that we do. The first rule is to never play with the hands under any circumstances.

How to Deal With a Cat Aggressive Everything You Should and Should Not Do 1

If you play with your hands, your cat will associate each time that you see a hand to shake, that this is a joke, regardless of the situation or whoever is to hand. Playing with the hand usually are kind of shaking your hand while the cat will nibble.

At an early stage the cat will nibble on with a little force. When it is small and does not cause much damage. However, the cat will grow and will continue to have the same behavior, and it may hurt seriously the people.

When the cat plays with you with toys you can also get too excited and start will nibble on it. You should therefore stop immediately the joke.

All these situations do not make the cat a cat is aggressive, but, it’s a normal reaction to the manipulation or hoax.


Whenever a cat has a behavior change, such as in people, there is an explanation for this. Can it be an explanation difficult to find, and often need the help of a veterinarian specialist in animal behavior to understand the why of this aggression.

However, there are also physical causes that can cause disorders behavioral. In this way, it is essential that when there is a behavioral change, consult your veterinarian.


One of the most common causes for your cat become a cat aggressive is pain. If your cat from one moment to the other he began to have aggressive behavior and attack people or other animals, you may be experiencing pain in some part of the body.

Cats can hide their pain very well, having a tendency to the contrary of what we think, isolate himself rather than seek help.

From a simple otitis (inflammation of ear), a problem in the mouth, arthritis (inflammation of joints) on the members causing pain while walking. Any problem that inflicting pain to your cat, can be a cause of mental disorders and behavioural disorders.


There are certain diseases that can make your cat to a cat aggressive. In particular hyperthyroidism feline. This disease usually cause other symptoms such as weight loss, polifagia (increased appetite), vomiting, among others. But in addition to these physical symptoms can cause changes in behavior.

How to Deal With a Cat Aggressive Everything You Should and Should Not Do 2


The cats are especially sensitive to stress. Any change in their routine can trigger a behavioral change in the cat.

It does not mean that any change that there is your cat becoming a cat aggressive. The stress and changes of routine in cats can cause numerous changes in your body. Since urinary problems, abstain from food, respiratory problems and behavioural disorders.

If an event occurs in the family life of the cat and this start to show aggression may be related to this event.

Situations such as moving house, arrival of a baby, adoption of a new cat or dog out of the house of one of the owners, may be triggering factors of stress in cats. In this way, it is important that, when you anticipate an event that may be remarkable in the life of your cat, consult your veterinarian, so that it may be able to help with this change without causing so much anxiety in your cat.



If your cat to attack you, or someone never try to restrain yourself. Get away from your cat as calm as possible and close the door until this calms.


Even if your cat has attacked you or another person or animal should not ever under any circumstances yell at him or hit him, since this type of behavior will only cause you more stress and makes you more aggressive.


If your cat tends to be aggressive and certain situations, each time you have a good behavior you should reward him, either with food or play.


Games and play with your hands or any part of the body are prohibited to any cat, especially cats that have problems of aggression. Try to play with their own toys for cats, make it chase a laser or a mouse tele-operated.


Regardless of any situation you should always ensure your safety. If you know that certain behaviours trigger your cat’s aggression, avoid them. Or if you need to do it close to your cat or to you in a different room so that your cat does not see.

How to Deal With a Cat Aggressive Everything You Should and Should Not Do 3


If you have a cat aggressive, or began to demonstrate some of the behaviors of aggression or out of your normal, contact your veterinarian to assist you in this situation. It is of utmost importance to seek professional help at the first signs, so as to avoid a situation the most serious.

Once that aggression can be caused by pain or disease, the veterinary doctor is the professional indicated for the help in this situation.

After the exclusion of pathological causes, in case the cat behavior aggressive is for another cause, your veterinarian may recommend a query behavior with a veterinarian specialist in animal behavior.