“My Dog Does Not Obey Me”: Calm, There Is Solution!

How often have said: “my dog obey me”? If the answer is “several times”, we have some tricks and training centers to share with you. Stay tuned.

The training of an animal is something that can last a lifetime, and there is, without a doubt, some abilities / behaviors that are more important than others.

So, if you tend to vent your dog will not obey, we have a simple guide to the basic and that can be very useful to prepare your dog for a lifetime of good behavior and fellowship.

However in the impossibility to be able to teach basic commands to your pet, we also recommend the best professionals you can count on if you join the health plan animal more full of marked – Vetecare.


Before you start any class with your pet, remember that it is important to be patient, positive and have a non-verbal language calm and quiet. In addition, you should only try to train your dog for blocks, a maximum of 20 minutes followed, giving then place to a period of rest or play.

The positive reinforcement is the most effective way to train your dog, to reward you whenever you do an action that you want. Getting stressed out, yelling and hitting is not at all a good practice and can promote behaviors less desired as fear and aggression.

1. “COME”

This is one of the most important commands you can teach to your dog, since this may be vital in situations of danger, for example. And provided that the animal is approaching you, so make it a party on the head and give words of encouragement.

“My Dog Does Not Obey Me” Calm, There Is Solution! 1

To train your dog to come when called, take leash in a quiet location and safe or you can get a leash too long . Move away from the animal, telling him with enthusiasm “comes”.

Only give the command once, but be enthusiastic and keep your body language relaxed. When the animal arrives to the edge of it, reward it with a snack, for example. Gradually, keep increasing the distance between you and the animal.

2. “STAY”

To teach this command to your dog, stay close to him, standing or sitting. Extend the hand and say “stay”. When he obey, for a few seconds, give him a reward. Repeat the procedure until your dog has the idea that you will receive a special treat if you stay seated, on the site, without advance.


The command “leaves” or “wide” is another essential point to keep your dog safe, whether it is for something that he can find and swallow in the street, or because there is another dog who potentially can be involved.

To teach this command, show your dog a treat, say “leave” and place it under your shoe. It is normal that the animal try to smell, lick and try to take the treat at all costs. When to give up this behavior, say “yes” and there I may give it a snack.

Repeat the process until the animal ignore completely the object.

4. “SIT,”

Useful in many situations, the command “sit” is often the first dogs to learn. In fact, the majority of the dogs until you can sit in a spontaneous way, by the important, in this case, it is associate the command with the behavior even in locations with many elements of distraction.

“My Dog Does Not Obey Me” Calm, There Is Solution! 2

First, while your dog is standing, hold a treat in front of his nose and lift it up slowly by going through the snout and heading to the back of the head. Inevitably, the animal will sit. When this is so, say “yes” and offer the treat.

5. “DOWN”

Position the dog sitting in front of you and hold a snack close to his face. Move it directly to the ground and then move slowly to the dog. She will follow the treat, moving the feet from the front to the front, getting, eventually, lying down.

It is clear with their movements and very patient. When the dog is lying down, say “yes” and give him the treat.


To establish a training base solid will make life with your dog easier and more fun. However, if you don’t know where to start or if the tips above do not work for you, enroll the animal in training centers that will make all the difference.

This type of services quite expert may be costly, so, to be able to access without having to do a gymnastics financial, to adhere to the plan of the animal health Vetecare, where you have at your disposal a wide range of services of daily life, but also other specific prices much more friendly.

“My Dog Does Not Obey Me” Calm, There Is Solution! 3