Pheromones for Cats: What They Are and How to Use

Pheromones for cats are used as an adjuvant in the prevention and treatment of some behavioral changes. Learn more about its usefulness.

If you have cats or think you have, you should know what are pheromones for cats, since it can be very helpful in various situations.

Pheromones are chemical substances secreted by animals and plants, specific to each species, with the aim of making the communication between them.

These substances are not noticeable between the species, therefore it is not possible to the people or the dogs or other species that are not cats, they can pick up pheromone cat, for example.


In the case of cats, pheromones are used to make communication in social and sexual among themselves.


The pheromones are secreted in various parts of the body of the cats:

  • Glands periorais: located to the back of the mouth;
  • Glands temporal: in the area of the temples, in the lateral portion of the head;
  • Glands caudal: tail;
  • Glands anal: of anus;
  • Mammary glands: when breastfeeding females can produce certain pheromones;
  • The glands of the almofadinhas plantar: in the legs;
  • Urine;
  • Stool;
  • Saliva.


Through the different organs of the body, the cats secrete different pheromones in different situations:

  • Pheromone colognes social: the cats use it to identify individuals in their social group. When they release this pheromone rubbing against his back, chin and neck on the leg of the person or other animal who considers that they belong to your family circle;
  • Pheromone sex: emit these pheromones through their secretions sex and urine, to establish communication with cats of the opposite sex so as to allow their approximation to copulate;
  • Pheromones territorial: are secreted through the urine and around the area of the interdigital of the hind paws. The goal of cat is to mark the area where high or urine as part of your territory;
  • Pheromone appeasement: released by cat mother when feeding through the mammary glands, to pass on to the kittens that they are safe;
  • Pheromones alarm: are secreted through the glands anal or sweat glands of the pads are to transmit stress and fear.

Pheromones for Cats What They Are and How to Use 1


When it was realized how they worked the pheromone feline, understood its importance in terms of behavioral.

Then there arose the idea that, if the cats when detetavam particular pheromone bred for certain behaviors, then, if it were possible to recreate these pheromones synthetically, it would be possible to do with the cats from breeding desired behaviors when exposed.


There are different presentations of pheromone for cats:

  • Spray: can be applied directly over places or people;
  • Diffusers electric: it is a system that allows the slow release of the pheromone in a division of the house;
  • Pipettes: to be placed directly on an object.


Knowing that each pheromone causes a different behavior in the cat, were created synthetically different products with different purposes.

There are pipettes with an analog synthetic odor interdigital feline to be placed in the arranhador cat. These pheromones synthetic encourage the cat to scratch that location and no other inappropriate.

Pheromones for cats synthetic analogous to the pheromones of appeasement help to maintain harmony between cats. Can be used in situations of disagreements between cats in the same house. These are used on the form of the diffusers.

8Sob the form of sprays or diffusers there are also pheromone facial synthetic that emit signs of comfort, making the cats feel more peaceful, for example in the change house.


Pheromones for cats can be used with several purposes:

  • Territorial marking by urine or urination in inappropriate;
  • Arranhadelas;
  • Arrival or departure of a family member;
  • Moving house;
  • Parties at home;
  • Holiday;
  • Travel;
  • Visits to the vet;
  • Aggression and tension between cats in the same house;
  • The arrival of a new cat or dog.

In any situation it is important that you consult with your veterinarian to advise you on which product is most suitable for each case.


Pheromones for Cats What They Are and How to Use 2

  • The pipettes with the analogous synthetic odor interdigital should be placed directly in the arranhador.
  • The diffusers should be placed at the site of the house where the cat spends more time in a wall outlet, being careful to the diffuser does not get obscured. Always observe the instructions of the product to ensure greater effectiveness.
  • The sprays should be used directly at the location that we intend, as for example, on a trip, put the spray in the carrier cat. The product should be placed approximately 30 minutes prior to that the smell the alcohol to evaporate, as this smell is unpleasant to cats.

Pheromones for cats may be used prior to the time of stress happening or after.

When they are used prior to the episode of stress, you get better and faster results. This is because pheromones take some time to do the desired effect, it may take about 15 days to 3 weeks.

In this way, it is also possible to avoid health problems caused by stress, or even aggressive behavior. In the latter case, when the episode of stress has already occurred and we are faced with changes in behaviour, pheromones for cats can also be used. In this case the resolution of the problem can be time-consuming and the pheromone by itself may not be enough.

Thus, the ideal is, knowing that approaching a situation of potential stress, talk with your veterinarian in order to take measures, such as the application of pheromones to cats with advance in order to decrease the intensity of the same episode.


Pheromones for cats can be a great help to deal with the cat, especially in situations of stress and anxiety.

Before you search for a product of this type should always consult with your veterinarian to see which product is most suitable to the case of your cat.

It is important to understand that many times, despite being a great help, pheromones for cats are not miraculous, and is required specialist advice.

Pheromones for Cats What They Are and How to Use 3