Trousseau for Cats: Everything You Need to Receive the New Element of the Family

If you are going to increase the family with a new pet, then find out everything you need to know to prepare the layette for cats. Take care of your friend.

From how to react to the first few nights, to the materials necessary for your new four-legged friend, we have revealed all the important details to prepare the layette for cats and, thus, prepare the family and home to receive the new element of the family so very quiet.

Remember that everything is new for the kitten, whether it is baby or already grown up, and that also for it is necessary time of adaptation. And if you have a trousseau for cats prepared, then this transition period will be short and simple.

But always remember: be patient and quiet, especially in the first 3 or 4 nights, since it is perfectly normal to hear the animal crying.


If your family will receive a kitten baby, the care is different from receiving an adult cat that has already had, for example, other owners.

Thus, in the first case, remember that you must catch and handle the animal with care and not to make any sudden movements or sudden, as they can scare you. The best way to catch him is with the open hand under the stomach and never pull their legs.

Trousseau for Cats Everything You Need to Receive the New Element of the Family 1

If there are kids in the house, so pay attention to how they deal with the animal, since, in their eagerness to do petting or playing, could hurt the new kitten. Should, then, be always present and to teach the child in the best possible way.

In case there are other cats in the household, especially if you are already an adult, then you may be facing a situation more complicated, since he may feel threatened by the new element of the family and take a few weeks to get used. To make everything easier, mix the odors of both cats, by the rubbing of a soft cloth gently at each animal and place on both beds.

If there is a dog in the house and if he is already accustomed to cats, so, great. If this is not the scenario, you should do a presentation with calm and avoid forcing the contact with the animals. Hold your dog by the collar and keep it calm and controlled, approaching gradually of the new kitten.

When the family is going to receive a cat already adult, the care of habituation are similar. However you may need a longer period of time for the animal to feel good and comfortable, especially if you have had other owners or passed by the situations of abandonment and ill-treatment.

Must be extremely patient and seek the advice of your veterinarian to figure out the best way to help the animal to feel at home.


It is necessary an initial investment to prepare the house and have a trousseau to cats, so that the new element of the family feel cherished and at home. Take note!


It is very important to choose a pet food is of excellent quality. It is certain that we have entered into any supermarket and find a thousand and one economic options and look appetizing. However these may not be the best choices. So, we leave a tip simple: do not buy feed colored, because it is a sign of the presence of dyes.

Trousseau for Cats Everything You Need to Receive the New Element of the Family 2

Choice, then, feed the purest, even though they may be a little more expensive. But it is an excellent way to prevent future health issues and unnecessary expenses in the veterinarian.


There are plenty of fun options. The plastic are not as desirable, given that accumulate bacteria and can contribute to the onset of acne feline. Choice, then the porcelain, glass or stainless steel.

There should be a bowl of food for each cat, and in case there are more animals, you may opt for a source of water, to have water always fresh and in motion, which attracts animals that may have more difficulty in drinking.

The last council about this item is that it must be away from the litter box.

3. BED

Don’t make a big investment in this article, as many cats choose to consider the whole house part of their territory and, as such, they feel the right to claim any space as their own and as being good for sleep.


There are several brands of litter, from the most affordable up to the pine or silica. And, here, is a very personal choice, it depends on what the cat prefer, and the type of sand the better it fits.

And, to put the sand, you need a box, right? This should always be clean and can be both open as closed. It is certain that the latter allows for better hygiene, however, the animal may not get used to.

Trousseau for Cats Everything You Need to Receive the New Element of the Family 3

Also choose for the possibility of having a small rug underneath the litter box that is able to retain pieces of sand that remain stuck in the paw of the kittens and, thus, that if grains of sand are scattered throughout the house.


You may not think that it is an item indispensable, but it is. Mainly on trips to the vet or on a trip, since the animal may become easily frightened and react impulsively, and may hurt someone or even run away.

The bag or transport box should be large enough for the animal to be able to give back and, preferably, of plastic, for easy cleaning.


Cats like and need to scratch, have the age that you have. So, provide alternatives to be able to do, before he fend on the sofas or curtains. And the higher it is, the better, because it allows the cat to stretch and lengthen the body.

You should choose a arranhador that has a secure, stable base and a coating on sisal or material as well rough, to attract the animal.


Most of the cats likes to be brushed, associating this time the a massage that triggers the desirable “ronrons”. In addition, this act is extremely important to help eliminate the dead hair, diminished, in consequence, the frequency of eliminating balls of at.