Trousseau for Dogs: Know What You Need to Buy?

We bring a shopping list to prepare the layette for dogs and receive the new element of the family in great! The best to your friend from four feet!

The arrival of a new pet involves some preparations and adaptations of the people and the space. So, take note of everything that you need to buy and prepare the layette for dogs and receive his / her big eye full of good and important things, and very affection.

No one doubts how beneficial it is to have pets that help humans feel more accompanied and gain a sense of responsibility for another living being. But it is something extremely important also for the animals, because they can earn a family, have food always available, a house and a lot of love.

But, for that this story has a beginning happy, there are want to prepare the layette for dogs. See everything you need to know.



It seems obvious to think in the ration that will give your dog, and until you find that don’t have science no behind. But it is not so. The variety of feeding the canine is gigantic and it is necessary to take into account the breed of the animal, its characteristics and needs. Nothing better than advice from a veterinarian of confidence in the sense of realizing which the product with the best relation quality / price.

Trousseau for Dogs Know What You Need to Buy 1


The pots and bowls of food and water are basic items to receive the new dog in the house. Here you must put the aesthetic choice in the background and focus on the purchase of utensils that are easy to clean and, preferably, made of aluminum, stainless steel or glass as well tough, given that the plastic can cause allergic reactions and lead to accumulation of bacteria.

3. BED

The beds or mattresses for the patudos should be comfortable and respect the dog. So, if you have a large animal, you can even opt for a rug, or scraps of carpet. The important thing is that, regardless of the type of bed, always choose washable materials.

Also choose blankets for greater comfort and warmth.


Unless you have a dog with very little hair or no by the same, you should buy a brush to brush the hair that has soft bristles. This allows the removal of the dead which are already loose and undo the possible nodes. This all contributes to a beautiful, bright and healthy.

Trousseau for Dogs Know What You Need to Buy 2


It is advisable to purchase a collar of simple leather, adapted to the size of the dog, and with a card that can have the id of the owner of the animal, especially if it is not yet time to put the microchip.


In addition to the leash, you need to buy a leash that must be as robust and strong as well for the animal.

In addition, there is another enhancement of ride indispensable: the collection bags of waste. There are solutions for very small practices, which can be attached to the leash.


It is important to provide forms of entertainment to their animals, so as to improve their psychological development, and neuromuscular, and which are always adapted to the size of the animal.

Among the many toys the existing, you may choose the ones that you like and see if they are the most appreciated by your dog. However there is a rule to follow: never buy toys with parts that are too small could be swallowed.


If you want to have divisions of the house without the presence of your four-legged friend, then you should buy the grids separators, that allow, then, to separate environments. Similar to that use for the children and are very useful in day-to-day.

Trousseau for Dogs Know What You Need to Buy 3